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Our taxis in Grays are one of Thurrocks' cheapest and most affordable taxi and private hire services based in Grays, Thurrock and to book a taxi now or in advance you could either submit an inquire using or call now on 07984803991. We can transport up to 12 passengers in a taxi and deliver a very high standard of customer service to all. we provide an excellent 24/7 service to all of our customers to you can be sure to receive and excellent service.

We will only charge you a fair and reasonable amount of money for your transfer and if you don't want to accept the fare you can consult directly with your driver or submit and inquire by clicking on . Our priority is for you to reach your destination on time and be completely happy with our service. we can take you anywhere from Thurrock and pick you up from a fifteen mile radius from Grays Town center rail way station.

New service update:

Due to popular demand now we also deliver parcels on request.  This process will work much like the current delivery taxi service however it will cater to delivering or picking up parcels etc. This service caters for delivering urgent items or picking them up, the prices will be competitive.  For more information contact us: 07984803991.
Don't forget we do operate an online contact service so if you can't make a call feel free to use our other contact services.

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Below is a map showing where you could be potentially be picked up from...

Here at Grays Taxis ADF we believe in giving power to our customers so we have introduced this new comment application to our website so that you may personally voice your opinions in regards to your experience with arguably the best taxi firm in Grays.